Wild Wonders of Bonsall, CA

I was quite surprised and happy to learn that in Bonsall, CA there is an exotic animal rescue center called Wild Wonders. They take in animals that are on the endangered species list that have been rescued from poachers, zoos that don’t want them or can’t care for them, and in the case of one owl monkey a science lab. This is not a “rehab and release” facility, as these animals have either been so traumatized by their previous owners or have some birth or neurological defect that will result in their certain death in the wild. So, it’s nice to know that they are being taken care of and cared for by people who want to treat them well. The center offers educational tours to schools and elderly centers, but it is not open for general admission. You can contact them directly at http://www.wildwonders.org/ to schedule a private tour. They are helping armadillos,¬†cheetahs, servals, owl monkeys, land tortoises, kinkajous, wallabies, koukaburras, arctic fox, desert fox, hedgehogs, and plenty more animals than what I have photographed here… Go check them out and support their cause!!