“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

–Albert Einstein

Welcome to my adventure travel blog!  I was born in Marion, Ohio October 27, 1980, but have been living in Southern California since 2006.  A strong desire for adventure and exploration, strengthened by a restless need to escape the stress and bustle of daily life, resulted in me taking multiple trips to exotic locations throughout the world.  I have always loved the excitement of travelling and exploring, but I began to understand in 2008 that I was not meant to just work the grind day in and day out without expanding my soul with adventure and a broader understanding of this world both naturally and culturally.

From scuba diving in tropical seas, to mountain trekking, to camping in the jungle, and exploring different communities and historical sites, I have visited many of the most exciting places that are readily featured in popular “bucket lists” and “must-see” lists.  Sharing these trips and photography on general social media resulted in many people pushing me into creating a travel blog…thus, the creation of www.know-no-boundaries.us!

The pictures in the “Photo Gallery” section are all FOR SALE, but the prices vary.  If interested in purchasing a picture from the photo gallery, please contact me directly.

Each of the blog articles has its own photo album and some have videos, so please don’t forget to clink on the links for each album in the article.  Please feel free to give any feedback and also ask any questions about my trips as you read through the articles.  And also don’t miss at the bottom of the homepage that you can click on the arrows to scroll between pages for additional articles and photo galleries.

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